Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Floor... done!

Finally!! after much pain, measuring, painting and (mostly) waiting for the darn floor to dry... I present to you... THE floor!

Yep!... what do you think?! Let me tell ya, it was NOT easy to paint that floor. As you may remember here is how we prepared to paint it. After the white was done, it was time to make it fun.

First I decided to go around the room marking 2' gaps all around...

As I came to realize once I was done measuring the whole room (and marking it with black marker)... that was WRONG!... since the room isn't even, I couldn't just go around the whole room and pretend everything was going to align.  Since I'm so bad at math, even though Adam was explaining to me on the phone all the measurements, I had to go to my computer and just grid it out in Illustrator. And THEN it all made sense!... divide the room into a grid!

Thanks to some chalk string I was able to divide the whole thing without using markers ('cause I am silly like that). Once everything was gridded out and I knew where my stripes were going I started to tape things up.

Couple of layers of black paint and tadaaa.... we have a floor! Let's remember for a second what this room looked like before I went crazy ninja on it.

And then after:

What do you say... did I go too crazy?


  1. It looks fresh and bright!!! A complete turnaround from the brown walls and carpet. Are you considering a pop of color for the door?

  2. Hi Dondrea. Thanks! I am covering the wall with fabric (trust me, it will look better than it sounds), since that door is actually sealed and no one can use it. I just haven't decided what color yet. Any suggestions?

  3. it looks nice, but i think you should have painted the white with a light gray to keep the dirt from looking so prominent.

  4. Hi there. You are probably right about the dirt thing... who knows, maybe once I get tired of moping the floor I will take your suggestion!

  5. I think orange would be extra fun! AND it's the color in your logo. :)

  6. Great job! Just saw your link on the Design Sponge website.

  7. NICE! I too linked over from the Design Sponge site, because we are redoing an old breezeway into my husbands and my bedroom- and there are concrete floors in there I want to paint (cheapest way to go!!), so this is very inspiring to me. He wants plain but I want a pattern... I'll have to show him your redo and see what he says :) Great job!! Also- the white paint over the ugly wood on the walls is AWESOME.

  8. TinaW, Jenna, thank you so much! Thanks for visiting :-) I did have a lot of fun doing the whole thing. Thankfully I had help!
    Jenna, the worst thing that can happen is that you hate it and then you paint over it (it's not like choosing and covering your whole floor with the wrong wood or carpet!). Good luck convincing your hubby!

    Keep in touch!


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